Our Studio Policies

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General Policies

Spectators are not allowed in the studio to watch participants.

All students must have a valid and signed waiver before participating in any class.

It is strongly encouraged to refrain from using lotions and oils the day before and the day of your pole class. This will ensure maximum grip for you and keep our poles clean for other participants.

Class fees and memberships must be paid upfront unless otherwise stated.

Our studio is ages 18+. No exceptions will be made. 

Chrome 45 is not liable for any damaged, stolen, lost, or misplaced personal possessions.

The studio will be open most civic holidays. It will be closed the following holidays:

  • Christmas Eve, 
  • Christmas Day, 
  • Boxing Day,
  • New Years Eve,
  • New Years Day,
  • Canada Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

This is subject to change in accordance with student and studio desires and attendances.


Attire is dependent on your level of pole studies and your level of comfort and modesty. Clothing ideal for Intro students are athletic pants or shorts, and a short sleeve or sleeveless top and/or sports bras.

Clothing ideal for Beginner and Intermediate students and above are athletic or “pole” shorts and short sleeve or sleeveless tops and/or sports bras. Often the higher your level of pole fitness the less clothing you need. This is due to the necessity of skin contact on the pole.

Absolutely no jewelry is permitted to be worn during pole classes. This is for safety reasons and to preserve the condition of equipment and of your valuables.

Studio Code of Conduct, Etiquette & Safety Rules

Code of Conduct:

We are a warm, diverse, and inclusive studio. We welcome members of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, physical appearance or abilities. Every individual deserves to be treated with integrity and respect. Discriminatory and/or disrespectful actions, words, or treatment, WILL NOT be tolerated in the studio, at studio events, or on any online studio forums, pages, or other platforms. Individuals purporting this type of behaviour may be removed from classes or platform without warning or compensation of uncompleted services.

Our instructors teach multiple classes in a night. The break in between classes may often be the only time they are able to have a break to eat or use the bathroom as well as their other duties (opening & closing the studio, checking other students in, etc.). Questions and conversations regarding the studio and our services are encouraged but please be conscious of this fact and the value of their time.

Safety Rules:

The studio may be empty or a class will not be in session for ten minutes in between scheduled classes. Students are welcome to warm up on their own pursuant to the instructor's discretion.

At all times in the studio, whether in a class or not, please do not attempt moves that you have not been instructed on, that you saw on Instagram, that you watched a tutorial for, or for which you require a spotter.

Do not attempt to teach or spot other students with any learned or not yet learned moves. This is for yours and other participants’ safety.

Please clean your poles with the provided cleaner after use so the next class can start on time and with clean equipment to limit the risk of injury and maintain the condition of studio equipment.

During classes please keep unrelated conversations outside the studio and focus on what the instructor is trying to teach you. This is a safety precaution in order to limit disruptions to yourself and other participants.

Please ask questions, if you have any, about the instructions you are receiving.

Photo & Video Rules:

We always encourage our students to take pictures and videos of yourself and your progress and check in and/or tag the photo with our studio's social media handles.

Please ask the surrounding students if they mind being in the photograph and to remove themselves if so, or attempt to photograph from a different angle.

ALWAYS ask permission before your tag an individual in the photo or for photo accreditation's regardless of whether they have consented to be in the photograph.

Class Registration & Waitlists

You must register for a class online or in studio. Spots in a class will not be held with reservations over the phone, Facebook, email, or any other method.

Your spot in class will not be held without a full payment.

If your availability changes, you can request to switch your home base classes to a different day and time.

Classes require a minimum of three students to run. Please register in advance to help ensure the requisite amount of students.

Cancellations, Refunds,Tardiness & No-Shows


Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration with management discretion.

Cancellations must be processed through our website. Facebook, Instagram, phone, e-mail, or in person cancellations are not accepted.

At least 12 hours notice must be given to cancel; after this deadline, the credit is considered used and the participant cannot reschedule this class credit. 

If appropriate notice is given, the participant may reschedule or register for another class at their current level or at a lower level. If there is no other time slot, the participant may register for an open pole class to make up the credit.

If a participant has not given appropriate notice more than 2 times in a session, a $10.00 penalty will be charged for any third and subsequent no shows.


Refunds & Failed Payments:

No refunds will be given for any pre-paid memberships, classes, workshops, services, packages, or party deposits. Transfers or extensions of the same credits must be approved by management.

First time failed payments will not be subject to a penalty fee. If subsequent attempted payments also fail this will be subject to a $20.00 NSF fee. 

Tardiness & No-Shows:

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your class to remove outerwear, check in, and ensure your spot for class. Please contact the studio to notify your instructor if you are going to be late. If you arrive after class has started, please do so quietly and with as little disruption to other students as possible.

If your class has a waitlist, arriving late may result in your spot being taken by a walk-in and/or waitlisted hopeful. This is to ensure safety guidelines as warm up is a critical part of our curriculum and used to prevent injury.

Inclimate Weather Policy:

Chrome 45 reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop, or event at any time due to inclement weather, low registration, instructor illness, or any other reason. If this is the case for a pre-paid curriculum or non-pole class, you will receive a credit to your account for the class you would have attended.

In the event of a cancellation by the studio, we will make every effort to notify the students four hours in advance of their scheduled class time. We will also post updates on our Instagram and/or Facebook pages. 

Membership & Package Policies

8 Week Curriculum Packages designate a “home-base” spot in the same class at the same time on the same day, once or twice a week, depending on the package purchased. Curriculum pole classes cannot have drop in participants.

Memberships must start at or encompass a session to be eligible for pole classes. It will be the responsibility of the customer to know when they start their membership and when the session they want to participate in starts and plan accordingly. 

As an example, a 1 month membership must be purchased at the beginning of a curriculum session (8 weeks) to be eligible to participate in and save a spot in a “home-base” that session and purchased again halfway through if they want to continue in that session. A 2 month membership must start at the beginning of a curriculum session (8 weeks) to be eligible to participate. 

Disclaimer: Contravention to the prescribed rules and regulations may result in removal from the class without warning or reimbursement. These rules and regulations are in effect for yours and other participants’ safety. Please respect them.

These policies are subject to change without notice.