Our Instructors



My pole journey began when my best friend, and now business partner, Haylee, forced me to accompany her to our first pole lesson. Luckily, it was the best decision she ever made for me.

I continued my pole journey in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, where I attended school and graduated from the University of Waterloo. While in school, I trained at Brass Butterflies Pole and Aerial Studio.

Training in a studio, there becomes a close, tight-knit, group of individuals that love and believe in you and believe in this art form and sport as a way of life. It is a collective I have yet to experience anywhere else. My instructors managed to talk me into, and encouraged me to do things I never would have dreamed of accomplishing on my own. They were the kindest, most motivating, inspiring group of women I've had the privilege of meeting. Every little increase in strength I gained from pole dancing, whether it was my first invert, or the time I moved a single inch in my pull up, was celebrated.

When deciding to open a studio, I knew these were the groups and feelings I wanted to recreate. Women who come here learn to be kinder to themselves, to believe in their bodies abilities, and most of all to be accepting of those bodies. I am a firm believer that pole dancing teaches us to love our bodies for what they can do rather than just how they look.



I recently graduated from Lambton College with an advanced diploma in Accounting. I’m currently on maternity leave from having my second child. My daughters name is Ryanne, she is six years old and is bilingual. She loves horses and unicorns. My son, Sebastien, is almost 6 months and has just found his voice and is just about to crawl!

Pole was always something I was ambitious to try, so when I saw an ad on Facebook for pole dancing lessons I called Brittanny right away! Not only was pole something I wanted to do and a great workout, it was a great excuse to get out of the house for a few hours and do something for myself (rare!). Through training, I was able to meet one of my best friends Michelle, who unfortunately has returned to Australia and is no longer teaching in the area.

Resulting from my training with Michelle, I’ve learned that pole fitness is much different than other fitness classes. Having a six pack of abs is great, but they don't really matter. As you progress through the curriculum, the stretching and conditioning will get you to where you need to be. Being able to progress though pole has helped me understand and accept my body. I’ve learned to love my body and all it does for me. We celebrated every little accomplishment (which felt super big at the time) and it kept me coming back for more!

Once Michelle moved home, I purchased her pole off of her and set up shop in the middle of my living room. Upon Brittanny's return, she has proven to be an amazing instructor and taught me many more moves! I hope through pole more individuals feel empowered by their bodies and are encouraged to push themselves to new limits.



Five years ago, I was extremely shy girl who did not feel happy with her body and had very low self-esteem. When my friend Gina invited me to my first pole dancing class, I expected to learn how to dance sexy to my husband. In my first class I could not do anything, and my words were: “This is not for me my friend”, pole is painful, and I was not a strong woman. However, my friend motivated me to go to the classes every week. As the days passed, I started to feel stronger, and I saw myself doing amazing things that I was not able to do before. 

Pole changed my life. It taught me to love my body, because thanks to pole dancing I feel beautiful, strong, and confidence woman, and, I am an athlete that I never imagine I could be. My passion motivated me to compete in the amateur category, because my dream was to be able to dance for public presentation, and I did it. I got a Golden and Bronze medal. In addition, I love pole dancing because I have met wonderful people, and amazing pole stars that I had a chance to take workshops with them such as: Bendy Kate, Kenneth Kao, Marlo Fisken, Sammy Lee, Natalia Tatarintseva, Saulo Sarmiento, Samantha Star, Marion Crampe, Dimitry Politov, Pink Puma, Victoria Serratos who gave me a Instructor certification training, Erika González del Pliego, Moisés Ahurey, Susana Ordoñez, and many others. 

Finally, I discovered that I love to be an instructor. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with my students, because I want to help them reach their dreams and goals in this wonderful sport, just like I received support from my pole instructors.




Our instructors are certified to teach pole dancing through the Canadian Pole Fitness Association. They have obtained a CPR-C, AED and fitness theory training to ensure they are able to help individuals at all levels of fitness.

More information about CPFA and their certification processes can be found on their website, https://canadianpolefitnessassociation.com/.

Our instructors also continually increase their learning by visiting other studios and hosting guest workshops and classes.