Class Descriptions



The whole reason you're here: Pole dancing. Spins, flips, tricks, and skills, all on a vertical chrome pole. All pole classes are part of a progressive curriculum which allows individuals to build strength over an 6-8 week course. No prior experience is required to try our Introduction class.

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This class enlists individuals who seek to increase or maintain their flexibility. The class will be lead through a warm up before focusing on stretching either the upper body, back, and shoulders, or stretching the lower body, legs, and splits.

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This class will provide a full body workout with the use of a pole. It will focus on repetitive preparation exercises specific to pole dancing to compliment and further individual strength in and outside of the studio. Enrollment in pole classes is not necessary. This class will be run akin to a "bootcamp".

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chair dancing sarnia
chair dance sarnia
sarnia chair dance
sarnia chair dancing
lap dance sarnia

Chair is an aerobic form of dancing which utilizes a chair as a prop and equipment. This class may pull styles and techniques from burlesque and jazz style of dance. No prior dance experience is required.

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Booty Call

lower body work out
lower body workout sarnia
booty workout 
booty work out sarnia

Calling all booty's! Our booty call class will combine the use of a pole with an aerobic and anaerobic workout focused on the lower body, featuring exercises such as squats, lunges, bridges, and deadlifts. This class is complimentary to pole dancing, which is mainly focused on the upper body and core.

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Floorwork & Flow

heel dancing sarnia
sarnia heel class
sarnia high heels class
stiletto classes sarnia

This class will focus on movements around the pole and floorwork for fun or in preparation for future showcases, workshops, comeptitions, or performances. Heels are not required for this class.

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Other services

Party Services

bachelorette sarnia
birthday party sarnia
pole parties sarnia
pole party sarnia
sarnia pole parties

We offer parties for bachelorette's, bridal parties, birthday guests, girls night out, newly single parties, you name it! If you want to celebrate it, we're here to host!

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Corporate Team Building


Trust falls got nothing on us. Take the tension out of the office with a pole class! Build strength, have a laugh, and have fun at our studio.

Semi- & Private Lessons

private pole lessons
pole lessons sarnia
private pole lessons sarnia
pole dancing lessons
pole dance

Feeling a little shy? Have competition dreams in mind? Private or semi-private lessons are for you! Grab your BFF and head on over to get a personally derived training program to meet all your pole goals!

Specialty Workshops


We will be offering specialty workshops from time to time. Skills such as spin pole, hand balancing, holiday themes, acrobatic yoga, flow & floorwork, and more will be the focus!

Couples Nights

couples night sarnia
date night sarnia
sarnia couples night
sarnia date night
pole couple class

Dare your significant other to come in an give our studio a try. These events are dependent on interest and timing.

Have your own idea?


Have a new idea? Contact us and we'll accommodate as best as we can.